AIM Workshops

The AIM Method is an easy to use program that has tremendous benefits such as improved fine and gross motor skills and also increased flexibility, coordination, focus and balance. It is a thirty-minute program that can be taught daily or weekly. Are you interested in implementing the AIM program in your school or facility?  AIM will come free of charge to train your teachers and staff to use the AIM Method.

What does a workshop involve?

  • Training in the four levels of AIM movements and how to teach the movements
  • How to evaluate the student
  • How to adapt the AIM movements to wheelchair or other specific needs
  • Ideas for creative activities and motivation

We provide all materials including the Adventures in Movement Method book, written by our Founder and National Executive Director, Dr. Jo Geiger and AIM music CDs to use in your classes and sessions.

After the workshop, our instructors will leave you and your staff fully equipped and certified in the AIM Method. You will be able to use AIM in whatever capacity you choose: one-on-one, classrooms, therapy facilities, hospitals or senior living residences. We will provide on-going guidance and support to you.

To learn more about how AIM Workshops can benefit you and your program, please click on the Contact Us page and fill out the form.

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