National Ambassadors

Nancy Lopez

Nancy has won 48 LPGA Tournaments by playing outstanding golf, but she won the hearts of America with her wonderful smile. Among the many honors she has earned over her career, she is a member of the LPGA Hall of Fame, PGA World Golf Hall of Fame and has been named "Golfer of the Decade" by GOLF Magazine from 1978-1987. In 1981, at the height of her career, Nancy was aware something was missing in her life and realized she wanted to give something back. After meeting Dr. Jo and the AIM kids, she knew she had found her calling. The first Nancy Lopez/AIM Golf Tournament was held in 1981 and continues as an outstanding event. Nancy hasn't only given her name to AIM, she has given her heart as well. Nancy serves as Chairman of the National Ambassadors to AIM.

Joe Morgan

Inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1990, Joe Morgan was part of the Big Red Machine and National League MVP in 1975 and 1976 and is one of the greatest second basemen to ever play the game. Joe is known to be one of the most intelligent TV baseball analysts and the nicest man around. In 1976, Joe made a visit to the AIM office with sportswriter Ritter Collett. Amazed to see what was happening to help the children, Joe found it difficult to leave the building. On that day, he committed to do anything he could to help AIM and he has kept that promise. Joe will travel anywhere, anytime, to represent AIM for the Handicapped. His book, "Joe Morgan: A Life in Baseball", includes pictures of himself with one of his favorite AIM kids, Kelly, along with Dr. Jo. Joe is a caring, long time friend.

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